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Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Solutions

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At Airmax, we specialise in providing comprehensive air conditioning and heat pump solutions. From residential split air conditioning systems to multi-storey commercial developments, our expertise encompasses a wide range of applications.


Design Expertise

Our team collaborates with industry-leading suppliers and consultants to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We exclusively offer air conditioning brands renowned for their reliability and suitability for diverse climates and applications. Our paramount focus remains on addressing customer needs, optimising energy efficiency, and providing accurate advice.

Professional Installation and Commissioning

We maintain an in-house team of accredited installers who have the expertise required for the installation and commissioning of all air conditioning systems and components. Our professionals are known for their promptness and friendliness.

Service Excellence

Airmax boasts a team of experienced technicians proficient in servicing in major air conditioning brands. We provide round-the-clock emergency support to ensure your peace of mind.

Preventative Maintenance

To mitigate the risk of costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns, we strongly recommend scheduled maintenance for air conditioning systems. Airmax offers customised maintenance plans to align with your specific needs, including IQP inspections for building warrant of fitness compliance.

Auto Air Conditioning and Transport Refrigeration

Our services extend to the servicing and repair of vehicle air conditioning and transport refrigeration systems, covering a diverse range of vehicles, including cars, tractors, trucks, heavy contractor equipment, transport refrigeration units, and shipping containers.

For all your air conditioning and heat pump needs, trust Airmax Refrigeration & Air Conditioning – where excellence and reliability meet.